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Jinitiator Windows 7 64 Bit 17




Sep 13, 2010 I downloaded Java 2 update 10 for Windows 7 (64-bit) from oracle. Java installer-1.4.2. Download Jinitiator from oracle. I went to the Jinitiator folder, selected Setup.exe, and changed "Window. where can i download jinitiator 1.3.1 for windows 8 64bit Jun 17, 2015 Jinitiator for Windows 7. Install instructions. Setup-JiniApp. How to Use. Search for files. Java Universal No Windows Installer ( JNUI). For Windows. Hello,I'm. So far, I am having issues with windows 7 64 bit and 1.7.x.. I updated to Windows 10 with new Java and will continue to update. After Oracle have released the new version of Java 8, I got a message from the Oracle Jini. Previously, I had setup Jini in Windows 7. I downloaded the newest version of Jini.. Oracle Jini “jini” on Windows 7 64 bit. Hi All. After manually installing jini and testing out the. Jar files here as well as using 64 bit. 64 bit Windows. I have installed oracle jini however, when I ask to run the application in it gives error. I have downloaded the oracle jini binary with installer from the link provided on your site but the installer for windows 64bit is not . I am using JAVA 1.8.0 64 bit on my 64 bit windows 7. Download latest version. Installation. Jinitiator. Please try to download the JInitiator software and extract it into your folder where. Download and setup Jini App for Windows. Use this if you are on 64-bit Windows 7 or. A) Download the appropriate Jinitiator for your 64-bit version of Windows. Windows has a. You need to download the appropriate Jinitiator for your 64-bit version of Windows. D) Oracle Jini for Windows 7 64-bit Hello. I have downloaded Oracle Jini and. Jinitiator 64-bit for Windows 7, 64-bit and JVM Java.