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Be careful of a lot of travel blogs. They will bury somewhere that they are getting paid. If they have a buttload of content, they are hiring writers and getting paid a grip for sponsorships from restaurants. Are the pics too good? Is there too much content? Are they selling tons of items? Who knows, maybe I’ll sell out someday so I can get an army of Huskies. Please, God. Please. But until then, everything I use, everywhere I eat, every plane I’ve flown in is real. My goal is for you to have a blast and waste no time in this life.

I like to travel lean, but often can’t if I have shows and need suits for performances or I’m bringing my own books and shirts to sell.

I have made some lame ass mistakes when going through airport security, when finding hotels, and when trying to navigate the world. Hopefully my dummy moves can be avoided by reading this expanding list.


Wear a jacket when going through security. Throw your phone, charger, headphones, and passport in pockets.

Zip through security when you rip it off like a stripper, kick off your shoes (USA) and bail past the nerds.

Beware people with strollers when choosing which line to hop in. TSA seems baffled by them.

Getting TSA precheck was a cinch and now I get to keep my laptop in my backpack, and shoes and jacket on.