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Day 1:

Italian- Ellies- the best restaurant in Long Beach.

American - Taste, Prime by Shenandoah, Nicks on 2nd. Saint and Second. James Republic

Ramen- Hiro Nori, Second place is Jounetsu

Day 2:

Breakfast: Coffee Cup, Starling Diner, Chuck's

Mexican - Tacos Locos #3, Taqueria Mexicana

Southwest- Panxa

Vegan and Veg: Seabirds

Day 3:

Sushi- It's not good here. (San Pedro: Senfuku is good and classic, try the salmon and the eel)

Best Bookstore: Gatsby Books

Coffee: Rose Park Roasters

Wine Bar - Art du vin, District Wine

Best Margarita- Panxa