Best dive: The Blue Room

Best bar for nerds: Guild Hall

Weirdest Thing: HP Lovecraft Society

Best Hike: Slough Canyon

Most beautiful Cocktail spot: The Green Room, at Castaway (make rezzies)

Best Skate park: Verdugo (Glendale)

Best Coffee: The Palm, Little Ground, Simply Coffee, Coffee Commissary

Best Barcade, Player One, Arcave Room

Fun: Moonlight rollerway

Best Surprise meal: Rabbit stew at Chained Rabbit

Best Beer Bar: Glendale Tap

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Cocktails. Hey love! Best chicken and Thai. Hot yai Best brewery. Little beast. Best comedy. Als den and helium club Bar hang. Rum club Best tostada ever. Guero. Get marg too. Best dinner. Noble Rot.

Wine bars: Covell, Tabula Rasa, The small back bar at Bar Stella, Bandini Cocktails: The Edmon Escape Rooms: The Basement, Labrat, Red Giant, The Orphanage See a small rock show: Golddiggers, The echo

Day 1: Italian- Ellies- the best restaurant in Long Beach. American - Taste, Prime by Shenandoah, Nicks on 2nd. Saint and Second. James Republic Ramen- Hiro Nori, Second place is Jounetsu Day 2: Break