ABOUT THE CITY: “Crazy we don’t think there’s pain. Innnnnn Barcelona.” - Rufus Wainwright

Barcelona is a lot of people’s favorite city, but there was a lot of political unrest when I was there which made it hard to get around with no Ubers or cabs. I got a cheaper hotel away from the Gothic Quarter and ended up getting stranded on the outskirts like a goo goo.

DAY 1.

Find the Iberico ham at Reserva Iberica or Casa Alfonso. Eat all of it. Find the Flamenco. It’s everywhere. Cry like a rag.

DAY 2.

You could visit the hits, but I recommend skipping the churches and hitting Bodega la Puntual for more Iberico ham and wine and cheese. Next door is a mind blowing three-person Flamenco experience.

DAY 3.

Visit Garage Beer Co., BrewDog, Edge Brewing, CocoVail Beer Hall. Nap all night. I went when it was cold and skipped the beach. I hear the beach is the best part.

Beware of dudes holding six packs of beer. They do not want to party. Well, they do. The six pack is a signal they are selling hard ass drugs. Some mug tourists. No one mugged me because I use workout gear on my lawn that says “Body by Jake.”

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