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Click HERE to see Jon Glaser play my Dad and Amber Tamblyn play herself at Gowanus idol for The 2014 Eugene Mirman Comedy festival.

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QUOTES about Derrick Brown:

“A wit as sharp as Sedaris, a sensibility as poignant as Sexton, Brown manages to blur the lines between cult writer and poet with remarkable ease and grace.”
-Anthem Magazine

“He is probably America’s greatest unknown literary talents. Derrick has blown honesty and humor into the darkness and has somehow made poetry cool again.”
-Nylon Magazine

“I love Derrick Brown for the surprise of one word waking up next to another.  One moment tender, funny or romantic, the next,  visceral, ironic and relevatory–here is the full chaos of life. An amazing talent.”
-Janet Fitch, Author of White Oleander

“That was an excellent show. Excellent.”
-Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

“Derrick has written one of the greatest love poems ever written.   He is one of the top five poets in America, a true artist.”
-Marc Smith, author and creator of The National Poetry Slam

“Derrick Brown is a big inspiration.  His writing is like a Christmas present you can’t  wait to open up- and when you do, there’s blood.”
-Amber Tamblyn, actress, The Ring, Joan of Arcadia, Author: Bang Ditto, Derrick Brown tour mate

“Derrick Brown’s work-both vibrant on and off the page–sizzles with jolting images and blasts of humor, yet retains a deep compassion at it’s core.   He has a heart the size of a Mack truck, but we’re not sure who’s behind the wheel.”
-Jeffrey McDaniel, author of The Splinter Factory and The Forgiveness Parade

“Sincere, twisted and violently romantic.   One of the best poets in Southern California.”
-OC Weekly

“Derrick is… bizarre and funny.”
-Chuck Woolery, The Dating Game… said while Brown shook his hand after losing.





“There’s something that happens when you read Derrick Brown, a rekindling of faith in the weird, hilarious, shocking, beautiful power of words. When you read “Strange Light,” when you read any of his work really, or when you have the fantastic fortune to watch him perform it in person, you yourself are a bit more alive.”
-New York Times

“…one of the freshest and most moving poets you will ever see.”
-Austin American Statesman

“A wit as sharp as Sedaris, a sensibility as poignant as Sexton, Brown manages to blur the lines between cult writer and poet with remarkable ease and grace.”
-Anthem Magazine

“He is probably one of America’s greatest unknown literary talents. Derrick has blown honesty and humor into the darkness and has somehow made poetry cool again.”
-Nylon Magazine

Our Poison Horse is the newest poetry collection released by Derrick C. Brown. Brown is the winner of the Texas Book of The Year Prize, 2013. The New York Times calls his work a “…rekindling of the faith in the shocking, weird and beautiful power of words.” Brown finally sold the ship, The Sea Section, upon which he lived for years in the Long Beach harbor, after which he took to hunting for a city that was affordable and had a bustling writer’s community. He landed in Austin, Texas and when the progress of that town got to be intense, he moved to the nearby countryside in Elgin, Texas, and from that pastoral setting came unfurling this new collection of his most personal work to date.

Brown has been known as one of the most touring, well travelled living poets in America. He has based his whole writing career on changing peoples minds about poetry and he feels a quality, unforgettable live experience can achieve that.

Brown told himself he needed a 10-year hiatus from writing poetry when he felt the well of creativity had dried up. 2 years ago, he wrote a one-hour long ‘poetic play’ called Strange Light, commissioned by The Noord Nederlands Dans Group in Holland. The piece was performed by 14 dancers and accompanied by a live orchestra using music composed by fellow Americans, Emily Wells and Timmy Straw. While he was working on a new libretto for Wayne State University in Detroit, he was set up in a seemingly pastoral country setting, where, as Brown says, “an incredible war broke out inside and out, such bright, massive storms, snakes, guns, howling wind, hard sun: all kinds of poems gushed forth. I gave in to the process and my best work to date was born, this will be my 5th book.”

Our Poison Horse touches on more autobiography than the romantic and fantastical that was so present in his past work. In Derrick Brown’s words:

“I found a poetry in the real events that shaped or broke me. Every morning, I would quiet down, stare out into the field where we were watching our neighbors horse, a horse that was poisoned with pesticide by some local boys, a horse with massive scars all down its body from it’s skin peeling from the poison sprayed upon it maliciously by some bastard kids. I watched the horse heal and finally come to me, and trust me and eat carrots. Something about that horse, Lacey, about it not trusting me and then warming up pulled something out of me that I didn’t know I was ready for. There is a theme that in beautiful places, you will also find horror, and gratefully, the reverse is true.”

Derrick Brown will be performing in several cities including New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, OR, Los Angeles and Austin. The book will be available for pre-sale on Sept 5 in Philly, September 12th in Providence RI and then the 19th in NYC, and will officially be out and available on Halloween, October 31, 2014. More details on Derrick Brown’s live events and celebrations around Our Poison Horse can be found at

About Derrick Brown:
Derrick C. Brown first discovered poetry in a foxhole when he was enlisted as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. His most recent collection, “Strange Light” is the winner of the 2013 Texas book of the year Award.. He began touring nationally with his poetry after his honorable discharge and has performed at over two thousand venues and universities, including national and international literary festivals such as Berlin Literature Festival, Glastonbury and AWP. He has toured with poets Anis Mojgani and Buddy Wakefield in the spoken word sensation known as the Poetry Revival, and with poet and actress Amber Tamblyn in a re-occurring show called The Lazers of Sexcellance. He is popular for blending other art forms with poetry. The short film for his poem, A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me won over 40 awards on the 2012 film festival circuit.

Brown toured Europe opening for the band Cold War Kids, chronicled in the documentary poetry concert film You Belong Everywhere. He has collaborated, toured and performed with comedian David Cross, All Tomorrow’s Parties with The Flaming Lips, Delta Spirit, Richard Swift of The Shins and The Black Keys (poetry and music) and with painter Blaine Fontana.

Brown is known for being an innovator in curating unique and creative poetry adventures like the Double Decker Poetry Bus Party and poetry shows at sea for Poetry Cruise. Brown performed his poetry on The Tonight show with Jay Leno, as well as for the Best American Contemporary Poetry Concert series, The Drums Inside Your Chest. He has curated literature festivals such as the Word x Word festival in Massachusetts.

Brown is a former weatherman and gondolier. He is currently the founder of Write Bloody Publishing, an independent book publisher in Austin, TX whose main principle is that all authors must tour and write as well on the page as they perform onstage. Write Bloody’s concept is that poets should tour and promote themselves like rock bands, and that the publisher should be the source of energy for the revitalization of live poetry in America.


August 15-21
On Tour with Helio Sequence and Liam Finn
8/15 – San Diego /casbah
8/16 – la / roxy
8/17 – visalia / cellar door
8/18 – sacramento / witch room
8/19 – san francisco / chapel
8/20 – eugene / wow hall

The Rotunda is located at 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
WRITE BLOODY PUBLISHING’S POETRY EXTRAVAGANZA & DANCE PARTY! Five of the Write Bloody Publishing’s best loved poets – Derrick Brown (Strange Light and Our Poison Horse), Sarah Kay (No Matter the Wreckage), Anis Mojgani (Songs from Under the River), Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz (The Year of No Mistakes) and Taylor Mali (Last Time As We Are) – will all be performing together under one roof! Come for the poetry, buy all the books & stick around for the dancing!
5.00 bucks

Sept 6 and 7
Washington DC
Details on website

Sept 12
Providence Rhode Island
The Colombus Theater
270 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903
10 dollars pre sale, 12 at the door.
Doors at 8, show at 9pm

Sept 16 NYC
Urbana Slam
The Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A at 6th St.)
630 PM!
10 bucks, all ages
Derrick Brown Feature

Sept 17, NYC
Page Meets Stage
Derrick Brown vs. Kim Addonizio
Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 8:00 pm
The Red Room of The DL Lounge
95Delancey St
underage admitted withguardian)
Admission $12/$6students

Sept 19 NYC
Union Hall
10 bucks
Derrick Brown’s Book Launch, comedy and Dance Party!
An evening celebrating the launch of “Our Poison Horse,” Derrick Brown’s new collection of poems.
Hosted by: Derrick Brown.
With: Beth Lisick, Elna Baker, Wyatt Cenac and Maeve Higgins

sept 20 NYC
Poetry into Improv
featuring Derrick Brown

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St (b/w 7th and 8th Ave)

Sept 22

UFM, University of Maine, Farmington


10/12 Book releaser party, Portland
10/16 Livewire, Portland
LA, SF on show link

Nov 21nd
Ghost Town Austin
Book Release party and showdown