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QUOTES about Derrick Brown:

“A wit as sharp as Sedaris, a sensibility as poignant as Sexton, Brown manages to blur the lines between cult writer and poet with remarkable ease and grace.”
-Anthem Magazine

“He is probably America’s greatest unknown literary talents. Derrick has blown honesty and humor into the darkness and has somehow made poetry cool again.”
-Nylon Magazine

“I love Derrick Brown for the surprise of one word waking up next to another.  One moment tender, funny or romantic, the next,  visceral, ironic and relevatory–here is the full chaos of life. An amazing talent.”
-Janet Fitch, Author of White Oleander

“Derrick Brown is one of the best living poets in America. Death to open mics. I always keep him on my radar.”
-Sage Francis, Hip Hop Artist

“That was an excellent show. Excellent.”
-Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

“Derrick has written one of the greatest love poems ever written.   He is one of the top five poets in America, a true artist.”
-Marc Smith, author and creator of The National Poetry Slam

“I bought both his books and have seen him perform twice. I love his work.”
-Hilary Duff, actress

“Derrick Brown is a big inspiration.  His writing is like a Christmas present you can’t  wait to open up- and when you do, there’s blood.”

-Amber Tamblyn, actress, The Ring, Joan of Arcadia, Author: Bang Ditto, Derrick Brown tour mate

“Derrick Brown’s work-both vibrant on and off the page–sizzles with jolting images and blasts of humor, yet retains a deep compassion at it’s core.   He has a heart the size of a Mack truck, but we’re not sure who’s behind the wheel.”
-Jeffrey McDaniel, author of The Splinter Factory and The Forgiveness Parade

“Sincere, twisted and violently romantic.   One of the best poets in Southern California.”
-OC Weekly

“Derrick is… bizarre and funny.”
-Chuck Woolery, The Dating Game… said while Brown shook his hand after losing.